💕 Template Release: Show appreciation for your team with the Kudos wall 💕 

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Spread the good feelings in February with our new KUDOS wall template! Creating moments of joy, gratitude, and recognition in virtual and hybrid teams, builds strong relationships and culture.

The KUDOS wall template is a great way to bring your team and organization together. Each card gets filled with a unique and specific story capturing moments of gratitude from every corner of your organization.

Create your mural from this template and start spreading the love! This activity works well with both small and larger groups.

How do you show appreciation for your team? Do you have other templates or activities you have used? We would love to see those too!


  • Love the design @R_Wood_123! We did this activity with over 200 people in the mural at the same time and it worked really well! Seeing all those positive comments in one space made me so happy!