Template Tuesday!

ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

A template that I have been integrating heavily into my professional career development is the Research: User Interviews template! 

Found here: https://app.mural.co/template/1fab15f5-075c-4a13-acbe-692e6e8c9df8/251da3c2-c93a-4ade-b964-2b9b598c352c

As I am reaching the end of my undergraduate career and entering the job market, I have been using this template to reflect and make observations on my responses during interviews with past companies. This allows me to analyze and make insights that will better prepare me for interviews with future employers. 

What are other templates students are using to better prepare themselves while job searching? 



  • emiwallner
    emiwallner EDU, Student Ambassador

    Thanks for sharing Ellie!

    I love the template you shared - it will be really helpful to have questions prepared prior to an interview that I can easily access and look back on.

    A template that has helped me during job searching and networking has been the Resume & Cover Letter Brainstorm Feedback template, found here: https://www.mural.co/templates/resume-cover-letter-brainstorm-feedback

    I like how this template can be easily shared with my career counselors so that I can get feedback right away. It also maps out job searching and resume building in a way that's easy to understand for me.

  • Hey! I love the Service Blueprint template (https://www.mural.co/templates/service-blueprint) because, as a Service Design masters student, it's helped me lay out my thinking! It comes in handy when we do case studies during interviews or they want to see past examples of work - I can also easily share the Visitor link with interviewers and have them look through my work during the calls too, which is amazing.