How to best share templates with other people from anothher company?

Hi, I would like to understand what's the best practice to "provide" a template for people outside of the own company?

I suppose it works like this:

  1. A creates mural
  2. A publishes the mural in A' workspace as a template
  3. A creates the share link from the share panel (like here:
  4. A copies the link and sends it to B from another company who is not a member of A's workspace
  5. B can click on the link and will see the template
  6. B can create own murals from A's template in B's workspace

As an alternative I suppose that B could become a member of A's workspace, right?!

Is this the best practices or are there other ways to do it?

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    Yes, Manuel that is the process. By sharing it as a template, people don't join the work space. It's a number of steps so if you have ideas of what would make it easier, I know the team would be interested in hearing them!

    Hope you are well!