What other parameters can be set when embedding a MURAL?

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I use MURAL to facilitate meetings and workshops and embed them on Confluence. When I embed them, I never know what view will be displayed. Sometimes it's centered, sometimes it's off to the side. Is there a way to set a zoom level or just have it centered?

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  • I did not know this! Thank you @Caitlynatmural!

  • I tried that but it does not reflect the view that I used when I generated the embed code snippet. When I embed, the view is always inconsistent. It's either the whole zoomed out view, or a partial zoomed in view.

  • Adri
    Adri Mural Alum mod

    Hi @alodiac 👋🏻

    This is Adriana from our Customer Support team; it does sound like there might be some issue once you enter the code in confluence and I'd love to further investigate what might be causing it!

    I'll be reaching out privately to get some more details so we can get it sorted as soon as possible 😊

  • elkmind
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    I have the same problem: I want to focus on a certain area of my mural on the website I want to embed it in, but I get the view of the full view of the Mural (at 6% ;-)). Is there a way to adjust this? Or even to focus on certain obejcts - like you can with regular sharing links?