New custom template by Benji

HI everyone !

Here is my latest template created for someone who let me share it with the community ;)

template link :

video tuto link :



  • Love that it's so colorful, makes me think of springtime!

  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    Yes, that's perfect for Spring :)

  • I mean my favorite part was everyone putting a head on their hiker.

  • This is brilliant @Benji!🎉✨😍

    It's a versatile template as I think it captures a Heroe's quest– a fun interactive one too!

    Here are some of my ideas I'd like to share here..maybe it can inspire or help others too! ( typing as soon as it occurred to me)

    1.) You can dress up the avatars and customise what colour they'll be wearing that day ("Team Blue, Team Red..or is it a persona individualistic way style they'll go by that day?") a Massive plus for the Mood board!

    2.) I really like how visually fun it is as you can set data points across the 'landmarks'. Imagine, teams are assigned log cabins as their 'base'.

    3.) Yeti and monsters - Metaphorically speaking, the challenges and struggles we come across in life. Or.. yeah, it could be the REAL YETI!

    4.) Paths - Creating big space, you have a chance to create different pathways- Solutions?... I love how there are mountains..dips..peaks and valleys..and SKY!

    5.) I also appreciate the option of the shifting time of day (change the ambience = change the sky🌅) This could work in terms of introducing change into chapters/editions/ or transition and/or breaking off into other pieces of events that have led to challenges and success.

    In addition, love the illustrative details and colour choices. Thank you for sharing this great template 🙌

  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    Thank you so much @Ghostglass :)

    I think these are great ideas, especially the color for clothes for team / mood^^

    I think facilitators will be able to customize it a bit to adjust to their need, probably the ultimate way would be to make everything more customizable ( maybe you prefer the mountain somewhere else etc etc ) but probably it will be enough for people to play with.

    I always wonder what could be the " ultimate " storyteller template haha.

    Let's put some color into our remote world ( inspired by the real world, for sure :) ).