Is there a way where people who are contributing to a board, can add their support towards a sticky

Hi all

I am so happy I found this community.

Just wondering if there is a quick way where people who are in a MURAL board discussion can add a thumbs up like on Facebook to a sticky note. This would be helpful, so others don't have to add another sticky note saying the same thing. This way the Facilitator can gauge if there are others who share the same view and the number of people who share that view.

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  • aribental
    aribental Mural Team mod
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    Hey Carola! Thanks for reaching out to the community!

    Yes, there most certainly is- what you are going to do is click the icon button under our shapes and connectors button on the left-hand toolbar, from there you can search for a thumbs-up icon. You can then place this in front of the sticky for the same Facebook-Esque replication!

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)


  • @aribental, adore this. This would make more sense than the icons I usually use. 😂😅Uncertain if you can guess which one is mine in the one below. 🌋

    Some people also put stickies with a '+' and a number. Then, the next person who wants to add emphasis, changes the number to one higher. Above, aribental could come along and change it to a two.

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @CarolaChappell For some reason this question has really got me thinking. I mean, yes, you can easily do the thumbs up like in Facebook, but actually, you could have a lot of fun with this in other ways too.

    The wide array of icons available means that you are not limited to binary like/don't like thinking and can express any number of other feelings about the matter as well.

    Then there are the images and GIF's which could be used to make really clear how you feel about something, perhaps even with some humor.

    OK, this thought path has just led me to the decision to ask participants to place a visual reaction next to something next time there's a good context for it, and see what happens. This could be the source of some welcome comic relief, and enrich the feedback quality.

    Thanks for this question!

  • Running a voting session with the MURAL voting functionality is a great option!