Has anyone created a department directory template?

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We are thinking of creating murals for each team in the department to allow each person to share some fun facts, work expertise and why we might call them for help. A bonus feature would be if we could then create an office map mural and link each team mural to a location on the office map.


  • @cbreyer, @BenjiI love this so much. @Benji We have an office template that we used to visually share about our team. Linds and I made an office to talk a little bit about us. It was a fun way to learn more by looking at the items around us.

    I've also seen Three Sticky Bios used this way. Every person gets three stickies to say who they are, where they are and what they do. This could be arranged in a fun way.

    For our internal wine group, we have some play cards with our name and the same info.

    I would love to see some more ideas!