Template Tuesday: Organize Your Life with the To-Do List Template

Adrienne EDU, Student Ambassador

While I am constantly opening and closing many MURAL templates throughout the day, there’s only one that consistently stays open on my laptop - the To-Do List Template!

To-Do List Template Here: https://app.mural.co/template/3f69e498-729f-4f28-8646-fe544aa53880/f489f2ea-82ec-425b-bf35-c6b44f9b0788

As a full-time student, an intern, and a parent, it’s safe to say I have a lot to do. It’s easy to become overwhelmed looking at a large school project or intern assignment. With the To-Do List template, I can break up large goals and projects into smaller actionable and measurable tasks. This helps me make small strides towards completing my goals and prioritizing my list of to-dos for a better chance at successfully completing them.What templates are you using to stay organized? Let me know in the comments!



  • feliciarenelus
    feliciarenelus EDU, Student Ambassador

    Definitely need to start using this template!!

  • EliMiller
    EliMiller EDU
    edited February 2022

    Love this, especially the color coding for different classes/activities. @Adrienne do you ever link assignments or resources right into the to-do list or is this mostly higher level? I like that MURAL shows a preview of links so they could also be moved between to-do, in progress, and done.

  • This is great! Will try the template out thanks.

  • I was looking for something like this! I just have a bunch of sticky notes on my mural so is amazing!

  • Oh wow this is super cool! I love planners and being organized so I think this to-do list is a great addition.

  • lilycaldwell
    lilycaldwell EDU, Student Ambassador

    Thank you for such an awesome and informational video on this template, Adrienne! When I first share MURAL with new users, they're often only thinking about using it for school assignments. Saying that, this template would be a great way to introduce fresh users to what MURAL has to offer outside of the classroom!

  • ellierill
    ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

    This template has been a life saver!! I am definitely a list girl and it is hard to keep track of everything in one location. I love organizing tasks in categories and using different colored sticky notes to represent different tasks I need to complete!