Can I have 1 voting session on 2 mural boards?

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Due to having large number of themes and stickies, I am trying to see ways to run 1 voting session (with limited votes) again the multiple boards, is it possible? It will be great if it is possible.

Plan B will be asking participant to have the honest total number of votes and visit the 2 boards (like we have physical coloured dots) and move across the parts of the rooms).

Thank you so much for taking notice.


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    Hi, @anitawong! This is a good question. Just so I understand. You have participants who are working in two separate mural, each mural has different ideas that you want people to vote on. at the same time?

    Given that the murals are separate, the voting would have to be separate. A few options:

    • What you suggested could work. I would assign people a unique sticky color and use one sticky shape. That way you could use the find feature to see the vote totals in each mural at a glance.

    • You could theme the thoughts and pull them into a new mural and run the sessions there. Not knowing what you are looking at this would probably be the way I, as a facilitator, would handle it. Part of the value of voting is seeing everything in one spot. It also would allow you to avoid group think, because people wouldn't see others' votes until the reveal.

    Hope this helps!


  • Dear Amanda,

    Good idea, and thank you for your sharing, the brain map or Find Feature helps to navigate architecture of work. Due to the nature user can be involved in multiple streams hence a total vote will help to identify the critical needs, its dependencies and prioities and we will find out what is possible given the constrains.