Can facilitator see who voted on and what? This helps to later perform weighted analysis

Currently the voting is anonymous, is there a way for administrator or facilitator to find what the voters voted on?

This helps with future collaboration or indication on what has been supported.

Thank you so much for your reply in advance.

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  • Bananner_MURAL
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    Hi @anitawong! Great question! The built in voting feature is in fact anonymous - even for facilitators. However, there are some other ways you can vote outside of the anonymous feature.

    1. Ask your participants to use the icon library and grab a star, or a thumbs up and drop it on the element they are voting for. You can see where the most stickies are and by right clicking on the icon to show info even see who added it.
    2. Pre-populate icons or shapes and ask your participants to drag over their selection to the element they want to vote on. It eliminates their need to go searching for an icon to use and keeps things moving. Take it one step further by asking them to change the color of the icon and then you can use the filter feature to sort by name of who last edited the element!


  • Hi Bananner, :) thank you for the workable alternative solutions.

    When the recognized vote feature is available it will also promote ownership and source in export.