💡Feature Idea: List View of Murals and Mural Folders

edited February 2022 in Feature Ideas

Given the large screen real estate of folders in a room or sub-folders in a folder, it would be helpful to be able to toggle between a list view and a folder (card) view when trying to find a folder or Mural of interest. Combining this toggle ability with a sort by name would be the ideal state.

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  • We are a team of many trainers holding workshops for multiple clients. Workspaces and folders help us to stay organized, but in large projects a list view would really be helpful, especially to view longer MURAL names.

  • Now that you have eliminated the list of rooms in the side bar with the new design, our need for an overview gets even more important.

    Pleeeeeaaase make a list view for rooms, folders and murals!

  • Jepp with the new update they made the problem even worse! We need list view now!

    Mural is a professional tool which needs to be scaleable with large organisations, or actually just people running multiple workshops on a regular basis. Not catered towards hobby projects or small startups with 5 people. I honestly don't know what their target user group is with this superficial update.