💡Feature Idea: Lift surprise capacity constraint of 50 folders

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We have a department Mural Room to hold all department project Murals. The new folder feature helps us with organization; allows our team to have access without manually sharing with 20+ people that need default access; and more importantly with providing new access to project work if a room or Mural owner leaves the company. We began migrating all projects in personal rooms to our new team Mural project room. Unfortunately in the midst of the migration and new process launch, we ran into a surprise ...the 50 folder capacity constraint. Our department migration and new process launch are now on-hold (not good). Please lift the folder capacity constraint to align with the benefits of the folder feature. Thank you

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  • cstiles
    cstiles Mural Product Manager admin

    Hi @shopwood! Thanks for sharing your use case and the challenge your team is facing. If it helps, I want to highlight that the 50 folder limit is currently at each depth level (see help center reference doc here: https://support.mural.co/en/articles/5604428-use-folders-to-tidy-up-your-murals-in-a-room) and with 3 levels of sub-folders, you could have ~125,000 folders within a single room. It might require an adjustment to how you have planned the folder hierarchy in your project room, but hopefully there's a solution there that works for your team. To make it a little easier, you can move an entire folder of murals and choose a sub-folder from the optional dropdown:

    In the meantime, I will also talk with our engineering team about the impacts of adjusting the current limits to accommodate more folders at a given depth level in the future.

  • Thank you for checking into this. Our department has 6 project types, and each type is supported by a dedicated parent folder within the room. Within each project type parent folder, we have project named sub-folders that host all of the Murals serving that project. We ran into the 50 folder constraint at the sub-folder level fairly quickly as we average around 100 new projects per year and actively reference completed projects. As a stopgap work around, we created a #2 parent folder for the over capacity types. This hierarchy mirrors our work hierarchy, project naming convention and folder structure on other project platforms. Changing our logic would be confusing to the team and messy. Hopefully your engineers have a solution.