Strategy Consulting Use Cases for MURAL !

Last year, with the pandemic, we started using Mural internally, and then with Consulting Clients. 
Now in almost all project meetings and business & comercial meetings we use MURAL. 
¿What other interesting uses do you have for MURAL? Greetings from Chile.


  • frabo
    frabo MCN ✭✭✭

    It is alike for us. We started using this internally, then went to our customers with the first MURAL sessions. Now we have adapted quite a few templates and can drag from that portfolio what suits the situation. Although I still like flipcharts sessions and white boards, I find it quite handy to have a "fresh" mural template each time I need one. We usually do combined sessions with teams. The group sizes vary from 3 to around 50. IMHO this works great for focussing, for brainstorming and prioritizing ideas and business models. We also transferred our 360° briefing method into a MURAL. With regard to documentation, this is even better than paper-based sessions. Greetings from Germany.

  • Linds
    Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    I never realized how much I needed MURAL until I started working here: collaboration is just SO MUCH EASIER with it. (goodbye Google Slides, lol) MURAL very kindly has given all team members a MURAL account for personal use as well. 💛

    My use cases now vary from strategy planning, to OKR collaboration, to informal get-to-know-you chats, to mood-boarding my new bedroom remodel! It's unsurprising that MURAL has transcended in the ways which you described @Rene & @frabo !

    ps. greetings from Portland, OR! 🇺🇸

  • emings
    emings MCN

    I tend to support clients who need to space to think during a session and between sessions. We start with a Mural space to work together. Then between sessions, people can come in and add information, insights and links. It is always interesting to see how group thinking can evolve between sessions.

  • Chris_W
    Chris_W ✭✭

    I work in IBM's Talent and Transformation practice in the Middle East and Africa as a Senior Managing Consultant. Here are my top uses:

    1. Team Charter
    2. Stakeholder Map
    3. Design Thinking Workshop
    4. Idea Board
    5. Interview Output and Insights