✨  Template release: Retrospective Radar

Does feedback lead to change in your organization? Can you measure the effect feedback has on changing not only the work priorities, but the work outcomes?

The Retrospective Radar is a visualization tool and technique for teams to reflect together in a spirit of continuous improvement. It helps you aggregate, quantify, and prioritize qualitative feedback from team retrospectives to enable leaders and managers to take action. 💡

The Retrospective Radar itself combines Pat Kua's 'Retrospective Starfish' for prioritizing learnings and Stephen Covey's 'Circles of Control, Influence, and Concern'. The result is a visual way for teams to identify and prioritize their own work (Circle of Control) while elevating feedback and requested changes to their direct manager (Circle of Influence), and systemic issues or system-wide new ideas with Senior Leadership (Circle of Concern).

The Retrospective Radar was created by Anthony Coppedge, leader of the Agile Transformation for all Digital Sales worldwide at IBM. Most of his brainpower is spent teaching leaders, managers, and teams how to manage the tension between planned and unplanned work so that they can deliver value faster and at scale. Anthony also values empathetic leadership, have an odd penchant for Oxford commas, and think Fudge Stripe cookies taste so good the tiny Keebler Elves should be taken seriously. 🍪

How might we make learnings from retrospectives more actionable? Share your ideas in the comments!