Template Tuesday: How I use the Mood Board template to organize my creativity

demir0920 EDU, Student Ambassador

As someone who derives creativity from the work of others, it can be burdensome having separate tabs open to keep track of all my different sources of inspiration. Graphic Design has been a hobby of mine for a couple of years now, and I'm always looking for new ideas to spur my creativity and influence my designs. The Mood Board template makes it simple to gather and group all the types of media I use for inspiration in one place.

The Mood Board template can be found here:


The template is divided into six default areas: photos, colors and textures, graphic styles, art, font/type, and other inspiration. These areas are great starting points, but you can easily add more areas or change existing ones to suit your needs. I use my mood board to collect links to art from Behance and Dribbble, fonts from Adobe and Google, and color palettes from Colorhunt and Coolors. The mood board template helps me visually organize my ideas in one place and allows others to collaborate with me during my creative process. Where do you go for creative inspiration? Share your mood boards or links to artistic resources below!



  • Adrienne
    Adrienne EDU, Student Ambassador

    Thanks for sharing this resource, @demir0920! As a designer, I love making a nice mood board for inspiration and reference so I can stick with my design strategy. I also love the idea of including my laundry list of links right in the canvas for easy access. Running to create my mood board right now!

  • Bananner_MURAL
    Bananner_MURAL Mural Alum mod

    @demir0920 I know this was intended to help with design ideas but I have customized your template a bit for myself and am using it to keep track of my mental health & work burnout. I use a balance wheel and have it separated out into 8 "slices" for where I want to focus time in my lifestyle and when things are feeling off I check in with the wheel and score myself on each slice. Then it helps me identify where I need to add a little extra focus to balance things out.

    I've added in your mood board and am using it like a vision board to set mini goals. For example: I'm adding in photos, graphics, quotes art and other areas of inspiration to keep me motivated on achieving balance as identified in my other activity.

    Totally different way of using your template but it's great!

  • lilycaldwell
    lilycaldwell EDU, Student Ambassador
    edited March 2022

    This is a very thoughtful and helpful post @demir0920! As a Graphic Design major, I am asked to create mood boards for assignments very frequently. The Mood Board template layout accommodates for different design aspects to be compartmentalized, which makes it so easy to pull inspiration from specific categories when starting a project!

    Pentagram, UX Planet, and The Chase are some resources that I use for professional design inspiration. I also use WebAIM to plug in hex codes that I plan to use in my digital designs (especially when dealing with type on colored backgrounds) to ensure that my colors have enough contrast and are accessible to all users!