Keep getting logged out frequently.


Why do I keep getting logged out every other day and losing my open tabs? It's not huge deal logging back in, but it's annoying having to open the boards I was working on again.

Can't find any settings to change this. All cookies are turned on.

BR //Will


  • Hey @Wilhelm, thanks for this question! Our team needs to investigate the settings on the mural/your account. I've created a ticket for you and the MURAL support team will be in touch.

  • christinearcns
    christinearcns Mural Team mod

    Hi @Wilhelm, good day! 😀

    Has it always been like this? When did you start experiencing the problem? I'll need to go ahead and check this with our team to see if this is normal or if not and what can be done to resolve the issue. In the meantime, please provide us with any information that you think would be necessary for us to resolve the issue or if you have questions. Thank you! 😊

  • I've only used Mural for 2-3 weeks, so yeah. 

    Today (Monday) morning though, it was no problem, I was still logged in after not using it over the weekend since Friday. (So maybe its not just time-out thing but maybe it's related to the account, vpn-settings or something else??)

  • christinearcns
    christinearcns Mural Team mod

    Hi @Wilhelm! Thanks for this information. I already reached out to our team to check this and find out the reason why this is happening. I will get back to you as soon as I hear back from them!

  • Seems to happen when losing connection or switching wifi. Getting logged out in itself is not a huge deal, but tabs not re-opening is super annoying.

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @Wilhelm- I'll definitely pass this one to our support team; it seems our team will need to take a look at your settings.

  • Smart
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    @Wilhelm , Do you search for murals using the URL search bar on your browser? Have you tried clearing your browser history?

    If you're using the log-out menu option, then the logout page may be in your browser history. So if you quickly access past murals by typing the name into the search bar, you'll sometimes get the logout return path.

    Say your mural is 55555555 and you log out. you now have two entries in the browser history:

    When you're using the search bar, it will feel pretty random which of the two answers comes up. one will log you out, the other will open your mural!

  • Ah no I use the Mural app for MacOS (should have mentioned, sorry)

  • Smart
    Smart MCN ✭✭

    @Wilhelm have you tried clearing your browser history?

    If you're using the log-out menu option, then the logout page may be in your browser history. So if you quickly access past murals by typing the name into the search bar, you'll sometimes get the logout return path.

    For example:

    You were in a 555555 and logged out, then your browser history might have two entries:



    If you search for the mural name in the browser history, it would be pot-luck which one you got and appear very random in behaviour. I'm curious if it helps.

    On the other hand, it may just mean your account or computer is compromised. It's possible to detect that, but it's a little messy. Do you have any freelance gigs, where they give you a G-Suite account? You have 2FA on?

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @Wilhelm, let us know if the browser history solution helps; if not, we'll keep troubleshooting 🏄‍♂️

  • TimTorres
    edited May 2022

    Hi @MeghanatMURAL, this happens to me too and it is SO incredibly annoying! There are actually two things happening that could be related, so I'll describe them both. Both issues occur on the web version using the latest version of Chrome on the last MacOS (as well as the previous version of MacOS).

    Problem 1: Being logged out frequently, almost daily

    I'm using the enterprise version so I sign in with my work email. It authenticates me after entering just my work email, so it's not a full/hard sign-out. Likely because it uses SSO and does a quick check of my creds. Sometimes I'm prompted to log in again via SSO. I have about 5 different Murals open in tabs for a project and switch between them. When I get signed out, I'm signed out from all of them. When I log back in, I'm able to do it once and refresh each of the other tabs to restart my session.

    This has been happening for the duration of the project, over 3 months, but I haven't used Mural frequently enough in the past to establish a pattern before that.

    Problem 2: "You're offline, please refresh to reconnect." Ohh you know this one

    This is even worse, and has been happening for years. It's unbelievably annoying and makes me regret ever making us or our client use Mural, to the point where our boards are too detailed to move somewhere else but we have to constantly apologise for making them use this tool. While I've been at the same company, I've moved internationally and had this problem on two separate accounts over the span of years. So the only constant there may be the enterprise licence, any organisational security requirements, or wifi network configuration. However, the client gets this too, using the boards as an anonymous user...

    The issue itself: either me or the client are working inside a board, and the yellow banner at the top appears with the message. From what I can remember, sometimes, for me, the banner goes away on its own and I can continue working. But more often than not, and I think 100% of the time for the client, the banner never goes away and they have to refresh the page.

    There is no reason for the banner to appear. The internet connection is fine. Other pages in the browser load fine, when you refresh the page it loads fine... just no reason.

    Problem 3: Anonymous users/visitors are invisible

    There might be a reason for this, but it's not obvious so I thought I'd put it here. Within my company, when people don't have a Mural account, aren't logged in or aren't a part of the workspace, they have the option to join the Mural as a visitor, are assigned a random name, and you can see their cursor moving around. But when our client joins as a visitor, they're completely invisible. We can't see if anyone has joined, how many have joined, where their cursors are, what they're editing, etc. It's very chaotic and confusing.

    Combined with that and perhaps related to the above, changes also don't appear in realtime, so there is no realtime collaboration. They don't see any changes I make on my side until they refresh, usually after receiving that banner forcing them to do so. (note that the banner is not triggered by changes I make; as in, they're not prompted to refresh due to an outdated board)

    Please end our pain

  • The last two days I've gotten logged out of each of my open Murals multiple times during the day, many times less than 30 minutes apart.

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Thank you for your feedback, @TimTorres- hoping to end the pain with a little support from our team! I'll keep you updated on response from Support.

  • Kenbra
    edited July 2022

    Hi @MeghanatMURAL =) My issue to similar to @TimTorres. The below has been happening off and on since early last week. Being a full-time design thinking facilitator, this is extremely disruptive, to say the least. lol

    • Problem 1: Consistently having to refresh after receiving a "You're offline, please refresh to reconnect." banner message

    • Problem 2: Other board participants can’t see me, and I can’t see them. Also, changes don't appear in real-time, so we must refresh to see each other’s work.

    Is this thread the correct place for me to get help, or is another method better? Thanks so much!

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @Kenbra! Thanks for raising this again- pushing back over to Support 🌞 Your outline of the problem helps a ton.

  • Has a solution been found for this inability to stay logged in? It's been driving me and everyone else in my team crazy ever since we switched from Miro, which never had this problem. It seems to happen regardless of whether I access Mural via the web or desktop app.

  • Ah, a bit more googling turns up this:

    So here's the solution if you're using the enterprise version:

    1. Find the person who has access to the company dashboard
    2. Ask them (nicely) to change the Authentication Token Storage setting to "Local storage".
  • Thank you, @DNashaat for the help 😉 @Wilhelm, let me know if you're still experiencing this issue.