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International Womens Day is upon us! But what does it mean?

International Womens Day exists to pay tribute to the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. An inclusive day to stand against discrimination and sexism.

In reality every day should be inclusive. And how can we achieve this through the world of templates?

  1. Be visual and use a variety of icons and images: Male, female and neutral, so everyone feels represented. You'll find icons and images in the left toolbar of the canvas.
  2. Naturalize the use of pronouns: In introductions get participants to write their pronouns next to their name, to avoid any hairy moments.
  3. Use voting for decision making: A great anonymous way for votes to be given and received!
  4. Use private mode: Let participants go incognito!
  5. It takes turns to tango: Go round the group and take turns in calling participants so everyone has space to contribute. Use the timer to make sure each person get equal space to share.

If you would like to have a relevant conversation with your team on the International Women's Day, try this template created by @Emilia. Brainstorm ideas for how we might close the gender pay gap in a safe environment.

What else can we do everyday to help create a more equal society?


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    My name is Alecia Page, and I manage our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging program at MURAL. We're always excited to provide new education and engagement materials to help folks learn to be an even better ally. Click here for our Periodic Table of Global Women Leaders to learn more about women's history and concrete steps you can take to support women in the workforce today!