Keep track of your campus meetings and events with the 2022 calendar template!

Lcarter4 EDU, Student Ambassador
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As a student involved in multiple different clubs on campus its impossible for me to keep track of all my meetings and events. That is why I love the calendar template in MURAL! I can color code my different events, drag and drop zoom links for online meetings, add icons, and overall keep track of everything coming up in a organized and interactive way! 

here is the 2022 annual calendar template:

What I also love about this template is being able to share my calendar with other people super easily so they can see my schedule as well! The calendar template also has a month by month outline to help you quickly navigate to those sections of the calendar. What templates do you like to use to stay organized throughout the year?



  • Thanks for sharing Lauren! I also wanted to share another calendar template that is in the form of a school planner where you have more room to note assignments, homework, quizzes, and any other activities or meetings you have going on. The calendar template is great for a high level view, and I think the planner is great for staying more on top of tasks and due dates when you need more detail!

    Here is the school planner template:

  • ellierill
    ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

    I agree it is hard to keep track of your schedule and commitments! I have found that keeping track of personal events/important dates on the 2022 Annual Calendar Template and school/career tasks on the School Planner Template works best for me. It helps me not get so overwhelmed when looking at one overflowing calendar! With midterms coming up, I have been using the Weekly Planner Template to be more specific in my timing management:

  • Good luck on midterms @ellierill!

  • I use MURAL for my daily to-dos! Definitely going to copy this template over so I won't have to bounce around from my iCal to MURAL!

  • ishyakay
    ishyakay EDU, Student Ambassador

    The calendar and school planner templates are definitely one of my favorite features on MURAL. I love the color and creativity that MURAL provides because it lets me list out my boring tasks in a fun way, which motivates me even more!