API - issue with creating sticky notes

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Hi folks!

Wondering if anyone has experienced an issue I'm seeing at the moment. I'm trying out the API and trying to use the endpoint to create a stickynote.


I used the builder on the page there to populate a body object (including shape and x/y) but when I send the request the response I get is that I have invalid properties:

message": "Invalid \"shape\" property type was sent. Type 'circle', 'rectangle' was expected."

"message": "Invalid \"x\" property type was sent. Type number was expected."

"message": "Invalid \"y\" property type was sent. Type number was expected."

I've checked each of those properties and they exist, and they are in the correct type (either number or string).

Are there any known issues there or am I just missing something?




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  • Anuj
    Anuj admin
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    Hey @gillian_mcauliffe ! Thank you for engaging with MURAL API.

    We looked into the issue you had raised - our tech support team provided more details along with screenshots. It seems like you were trying to test with JSON code snippet while your POSTMAN settings were set to "JavaScript". The only thing we did different at our end to test was to change from JavaScript to JSON and send the data and it worked as expected. Please see below and let us know if this helps.


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi Gillian- new Community Manager here with updates! Thanks for spotting this one- we'll get some insight on this from our team and will follow up once updated.

  • Thanks Anuj! Had to be something silly like that! :D Looks to be working well now after I changed to JSON and updated to use double-quotes/valid JSON. Thanks again!

  • @gillian_mcauliffe All good, we are glad you are on your way to extend imagination with MURAL platform!