💡Feature Ideas: Digital Dice, Randomize Cards, Game Path Tiles

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What I want to be able to do:

  1. I would like to to be able to create digital dice with numbers and or icons that facilitators or participants could roll
  2. Create cards that could be put into stacks that randomly pick the cards
  3. Have game path shapes that could be used to develop a digital game board

Problem I am trying to solve:

As a facilitator, professor and creativity expert I am always looking for ways to incorporate remote interactive ways for my participants and students to learn and grow. As participants play games they can gain skills that prepare them for greater challenges. Having the digital resources to develop various card and board games with digital dice allow for an unlimited ice-breakers and innovative workshops.

Why this helps everyone (or many people):

Research has shown that when people are confronted with new problems, often our memories of similar situations are used to create analogies that help us solve the problems. The more abstract we are with our connections, the more sophisticated our creative thinking will be. These tools would be extremely useful in providing the opportunity for novel and unusual ideas. The hypothesis being that the use of dice and cards could extend the time that participants are engaged in learning and problem solving. The matrix of possibilities is endless.

As MURAL explores evolving technologies like AR/ VR, these tools could be useful in creating compelling MURAL experiences to these evolving platforms. I could definitely see a ROI in developing prototypes that could be tested with users before going to market as just one example of a practical application of these features. Facilitators that could also create real world facilitation decks that could be developed and purchased.

Game methods and techniques have been used in real-world workshop and learning environments for years. I believe this would also be a differentiator for MURAL as it competes with similar products in this space while expanding its market potential and reach.

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  • Ward
    Ward Mural Team mod

    +100 -> @Schuhbox I love the idea of adding "random-generating" facilitation features in MURAL (like a DnD dice based on the number of participants in a canvas) to create more creative collision opportunities.

  • Yes! What I think these features would really expand the toolbox for facilitating, storytelling and learning experiences. Research shows that fun is a large part of engaging interactive experiences! Having the ability to randomly mash up ideas also allows for connections people may or may not have considered before.

  • I was about to post a similar question. Thank you for sharing this @Schuhbox

  • Bing AI was hallucinating when it told me to add the Random Number Generator through the insert menu. I hope this become reality soon! Otherwise, I'll have to use Figma. 🤷‍♂️

  • Oh yes! This would be SO SO HELPFUL! Thanks @Schuhbox and please consider this @mural !!