I'm looking for a Mural Branding Designer


I'm looking for a graphic designer that specialises in creating branded Mural Boards. I'd like her/him to create a few templates using my brand style guide so all my Boards look and feel the same. Anyone here do that? Or know someone who does?🙏


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi Kathy! I'll take a look around and see if I can help 😉

  • marktippin
    marktippin Mural Team mod

    Hello Kathy, I have had the pleasure to work with several folks in our community that bridge aesthetics with functionality. Do you have the content for the templates designed, or are you looking for assistance with that as well? Sometimes a great looking template can still be a challenge to facilitate.

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @Kathy, happy to help- let us know if Mark's response helps?

    If not, we'll continue looking for a way to support. 😊