Mar 07 Web Release: New Butter and integrations, self-serve reporting for admins, and more!

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod

Now you can create highly engaging sessions in Butter, embed murals into your favorite websites and apps, download MURAL usage reports, and more!

👉 See what's new with MURAL below and learn more on our blog.

New Features

🧈 Launch the MURAL app within Butter 

Use the new MURAL + Butter integration to plan and produce highly engaging sessions while bringing visual collaboration tools and pre-built templates from MURAL directly into the Butter platform. Learn more to drive better client or team collaboration and engagement.

🖼️ Enjoy MURAL embeds in many popular websites with our new integration

Embed murals into 100s of popular websites and applications—like Asana, Notion, Trello, and Facebook Messenger—without any set up. Learn more about adding view-only embeds to applications or websites who use 

📊 Gain deeper insights into MURAL usage with a new reports page in the company dashboard [Public Beta*]

Support account management, compliance initiatives, and other functions with self-serve access to a series of reports – available for CSV download – in our new reports page in the company dashboard. Learn more. Need to programmatically access data on a recurring basis? Check out the MURAL Reporting API. Available for Enterprise plans only.

*Currently in public beta. Subject to testing and defects. Provided warranty free, "as is" and "as available" basis. MURAL not liable for any losses that may result from public beta.

🏆 MURAL app for Teams achieves Microsoft 365 Certification

MURAL is the first application in the visual collaboration category, and one of only 13 Microsoft Teams applications, to obtain this prestigious certification to date. The Microsoft 365 Certification signifies that an app has been meticulously vetted against controls derived from industry standard frameworks, and that strong security and compliance practices are in place to protect customer data.


☝ Design sleek, polished murals with constrained dragging

Our latest navigation enhancement - constrained dragging - makes it faster and easier to align objects on the canvas. Holding SHIFT while you drag object(s) will limit their movement horizontally and vertically in a straight line. This also works in edit mode when you’re writing on a sticky note. Learn more.

New Templates 

🥰 Show appreciation for your colleagues

Recognize and celebrate everything your team has accomplished with this kudos wall template.


✅ Keep your projects on track

Use this create and track a project template to bring together key stakeholders to brainstorm, collaborate, and track a project’s status, activity, and requirements.

🤝 Create more impactful engagements with your clients

Define the key deliverables and dates with your clients to achieve better outcomes with this mutual success plan template.

📆 Plan for the 2023 calendar year

Get a head start on planning for next year with this 2023 annual calendar template.

💡 Get the most out of your retrospectives

Use this retrospective radar template to come together and share learnings with your team for actionable, continuous improvement.

✏️ Collaborate on class group projects

Create alignment and track responsibilities with this template that helps students easily build trust, meet project requirements, and deliver work they are proud of.