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User Story: I want to have the freedom to update my avatar image, adjust how I visually exist & appear to other collaborators.

Problem I'm trying to solve: My avatar photo is decided by my Google account, thus I cannot manage how my avatar appears to other collaborators directly in MURAL. There are occasions when I'd like to customize my avatar for an event, workshop, or meeting.

Why this helps everyone (or many): Google profile images are often dated and rarely updated by users, and that's generally acceptable because Google users rarely have their profile images on display for others. When we collaborate in MURAL, the avatar images are a key level of the human connection, but we're missing an opportunity to level-up that connection by staying locked to a single, dated image - and we never have the opportunity to upload an intentional photo throughout onboarding. I want to show up as my best self in each collaboration session, but sometimes I'm disappointed by the dated photo that is used for my avatar and would love the option to add a fresh, smiling photo.

Additionally, there are business cases where it'd be beneficial to update my avatar image on the fly - such as identifying myself as a member of a specific team in a large event, or as a specific role in a workshop, or to highlight a partnership by uploading a custom graphic.

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  • Something to consider, even though it's probably lower use for many of us, the value is pretty high for building trust and safety in a collaboration space.

  • jeroen
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    I do not suffer the google profile image issue as I do not log in with Google account, but as e-mail account. I can change when-ever I want.