Template Idea: Strategy Development (Using an Option Development Space)

Job to be done/ Problem I try to solve:

Use this when you need to take important decision and want to consider multiple options and combination of options that are within the control of you/your organisation, or can be directly influenced by you/your organisation.

Why this helps everyone:

Its agreat 5 steps process to take decisions. 1. Define Strategy Area 2. Identify Key Decisions 3. Define Subquestions 4. Development of Alternative Strategic Options 5. Define Alternative Strategies 6. Select a Strategy

Our Template for this


A concrete use case


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  • Great, thank you Sebastian. Every organisation needs to go through a strategy process at some point. So it is important to have a template for this.

  • Great, thanks Sebastian. A clear process and easy to follow. Very useful😀

  • elkmind
    elkmind MCN ✭✭

    Really like this process and will try it out with a strategic project to test it more in depth. The middle part looks particularly exciting as it opens room for unexpected combinations and thus new perspectives. Not sure how easy it would be to "grow" this setup, though e.g. if you have more than two sub-questions per plausible option. Any ideas on this @Sebastian4Sing ?

    Another thought: The introduction of criteria at the end came quite suddenly. I suggest some more in depth exploration of this important part of decision making and maybe start thinking about the criteria early on in the process, set them aside and then come back to them at this stage. What are your thoughts on this?