Wonderful Wednesday - Easily Group Content for Custom Elements

Gino Mural Alum ✭✭✭
edited April 2022 in Mural Product

Hello my friends! I am sorry, BEST friends!

I am back with a quick tip, and something I use ALL the time in my MURAL creation, Grouping. It is extremely easy to multiple select elements and move them, copy them, edit time, etc. But what if you want other people to edit them, and keep the collection of elements in that exact spot?

Well, you group those of course!

Simply multiple select, right-click, and select "group". BUT I know you, you wanna go fast Ricky Bobby. That is why you just need to use the shortcut command/control + G to group. If only there were a way to UNgroup these elements easily. Woah you can! Press shift + command/control + G and BOOM you are ungrouped.

Use these powers to create some fun custom elements in your murals, check out the video below for a walkthrough!

What ways do you use grouping to make your murals more fun and efficient?


  • Wonderful!

    8- D

  • Woah! This is a great tip. Thanks for putting the keyboard shortcuts right in there. Is there any way to group groups or view the hiearchary illustrator-style? Love the level of organization and the select similar tools can bring!