💡 Feature Idea: Prepare and save voting sessions

nedkelly973 ✭
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When preparing a Mural, to deliver another day, I know that I sometimes want to have a vote on topics. It would be helpful to be able to prepare one or more votes, titled for the particular topic, then save them in the Voting tab. This means I don't need to prepare each vote during the session: it is ready to go when I need it. I would open the voting tab, select the vote I want to run, then run it.

Without this, I either give the team a short break, while I prepare the vote. Or they watch me setting it up, which is not very good viewing.

It would save time, and reduce errors, as I will use the same vote every time the session is delivered, rather than set it up each and every time.

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  • MJPark
    MJPark MCN ✭

    Because the MURAL is so flexible, I tend to put all my content for a session into one. This may include votes on several areas within the MURAL. It would be so helpful to be able to prepare this ahead of time for the session and have ready to go so that in real time, I only need to launch the vote. It's awkward to try doing all this technical stuff while also facilitating a conversation! The newer functionality that allows facilitators to specify what participants are voting on is GREAT, but only goes part way. Facilitators think this through before going live in a session. thanks

  • DanInSD
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  • This is an absolute must, especially with more complex boards where numerous granular votes are required.