💡 Feature Idea: New Cursor Selections: Unlock, Format Painter

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Generally I group elements before locking so that I don't have to unlock elements one by one. Sometimes I forget. What would be great is if you could just change the cursor mode to "unlock," similar to the way you'd change the cursor to "draw." Then you could just click away, or click and drag to unlock many elements at once. Maybe there's a "done" interaction like with "draw" mode, or maybe the user has to re-enter "unlock" mode after every click interaction. Simple research should tell.

Format painter:

Basically just do a format painter like how microsoft products do.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Great idea! Would make the process of locking and unlocking even easier. I work a lot with CTRL+A to lock everything and then draw marquees (SHIFT + CTRL + Left-Mouse Button + Drag the mouse) to unlock again what needs to be unlocked. Your idea would make even easier!