💡Feature Idea: Shortcuts for Unlock, lock, Facilitator lock

Steffen ✭✭
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User Story: I want to be able lock and unlock objects with a keyboard shortcut the same as I can other things quite quick (like Shift+G for grouping elements)

Problem I am trying to solve: As a power user, I make frequent use of the keyboard short cuts. Every time I want to lock/unlock objects, I stuck in my process, because this shortcut is missing.

Why this helps others: It is just a minor feature but helps power users to get around in Mural very quick.

💡Feature Idea: Shortcuts for Unlock, lock, Facilitator lock 22 votes

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  • Smart
    Smart MCN ✭✭
    I'd use this daily

    @Steffen Good to see this up here as a poll from the start. This feature is an accelerator for the design of great templates, as getting all the locks right has an impact on the user's experience. Overlock reduces user agency, and undercooking can leave novice users afraid to accidentally shift objects.

  • I'd use this daily

    Came here to post this suggestion. I want a way to easily do this... the menu driven option is tedious and prone to forgetting. A shortcut or toolbar option (like in Miro) would be wonderful

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
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    I wish for an lock/unlock icon in the object toolbar and / or for a shortcut to do so because it saves a lot of right-clicks :-) and sometimes a right-click selects unintentionally the wrong object, esp. when they are behind an area for example

  • Agus
    Agus Mural Team mod
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    Hi everyone,

    Last Friday we released a number of enhancements to the lock/unlock experience, including "Lock in the toolbar" and Shortcuts.

    Let us know what you think.

  • It would be great first to be able to access it??? the message says to connect my admin!!