Template Tuesday (On a Wednesday!) NEW EDU TEMPLATE - group project template

The core foundation of MURAL is to help collaborate and induce team progression through its tools provided. The new group project template has been crucial to my communication with my groups and our ability to map out what our project requires. I think we needed to see and track the responsibilities and specific details of each member. It helped our progression and jump started the project we were assigned. 

Thanks to MURAL and its integrative software for providing the tools we needed to successfully plan and complete our group project through this template. Once I started, MURAL helped me understand what interfaces and tools I needed to learn to accurately plan out and conduct my project. With this template, we used the 'status' column to keep each other updated on our work and it helped motivate the members who were falling behind. It kept us on track to finish and maintain a good idea on what each member is doing.

Find the link to the group project template by clicking the picture over to the left. Happy Template Tuesday!



  • I totally agree with Jake! I'm using this for chem lab's special project, which we have many assignments for so this has come in handy for my group. It made sure we all did our parts and we knew when each item was due and what to do in advance!

  • This template is amazing for case study projects as well! Being able to delegate roles & organize ideas has made case projects so much easier!