💡 Feature Idea: Hyperlink specific text or add more options for the hyperlink functionality

miida12 ✭
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It would be great to have more options for hyperlinks or to have the ability to hyperlink specific text within an object.

Right now, you have to add hyperlinks to an entire object, area, sticky note, etc. and it adds a teeny little button at the bottom right to "Open link". If it's a bigger section/area with a lot of text, it would be impossible to see this.

Or if you copy/paste at URL directly into the board, it will create an object that is hyperlinked, but you can't really do a lot to modify the appearance. The text is so small so it's almost impossible to tell what it is.

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  • Surprised this doesn't have more votes. Basic hyperlinking functionality (<--- like so) was popular circa late 1990's. Please add this functionality. Thanks! You should be able to add hyperlinks on the board, in objects, and within cells of a table to start.

  • Agreed - why has this just not been actioned. Very frustrating trying to get users to be able to click on a link they cant even see!

  • I can only support what others have mentioned in this section already: the ability to add hyperlinks to single words or phrases would be extremely useful. I am working on an overview on a specific topic, hyperlinks to single words would make it much easier to keep this overview short and manageable.

  • I completely agree with this. This is such a powerful way to trace back a story created in tools such as Azure DevOps / JIRA back to Mural.

  • I agree completely.. if only there was a way to increase the size of the weblink box

  • Exacly, adding links from JIRA is quite a combination to visual management but keeping single point of truth. It just should work as ANY other application using links (blue underscore). Miro works this way…