INTRODUCING: Collaborative Intelligence!

The way MURAL members come together here on the MURAL Community to talk about how you use the product has given us such a captivating look into the challenges that are faced today. 

A great deal of people feel unhappy at work. Record numbers are quitting their jobs in search of more fulfilling work. There is a pervasive state of disconnection. People feel disconnected from each other, from their teams, from their organizations.

We believe we can do better. The rich history of facilitation, of inspiring teams to connect and innovate — from design thinking to facilitating workshops, building connection to solve problems together … it’s in our DNA as a company. 

That’s why MURAL introduced its roadmap for Collaborative Intelligence, a new systematic approach that connects teams to unlock their genius — taking insights and ideas from possibility to reality. 🤝🧠⚡

We’re so excited to start this conversation and dig into how to create an organization where everyone is connected, contributing, and empowered to deliver business-driving outcomes. 


What do you feel is missing from the nature of present day work? What makes you feel more connected on a team?