Collaborative Brainstorming 101!

ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

One of MURAL’s main goals is to increase collaboration and productivity for its users. The ‘Brainstorm & Idea Prioritization’ template has become a staple in my student-organization to facilitate meetings and increase our team’s progression. 

The Brainstorm & Idea Prioritization template can be found here:

This template is structured to welcome all ideas and build upon them to generate creative solutions. As leader of my student organization, I found that since implementing this template, our members feel more comfortable to participate in group brainstorming and put their ideas out there. We have also been able to use this template to collaborate with other chapters of our organization state-wide! I have personally used this template frequently to outline different projects in my undergraduate courses. What are areas in your life that this problem solving template could help resolve? 


  • emiwallner
    emiwallner EDU, Student Ambassador

    Love this template Ellie! I have also used this template for my undergraduate courses. For example, I have a couple semester long group projects that I've been working on. I especially love the prioritize section. This section has helped us spread the project out through the semester so that we aren't swamped with work as the semester ends. It also makes the project seem much less daunting. Thanks for sharing! 😁

  • wilsonfung
    wilsonfung EDU
    edited March 2022

    yoo! this is so cool Ellie; I've been just having my teams put as many ideas as they can on a blank mural. This will definitely come in handy for my club's future brainstorm sessions!

  • I love this template, Ellie! I can see myself using this template for my UX home work and my upcoming internship. Thanks for sharing!

  • This template is one of my favorites! It is so helpful when there are just so many ideas floating around, it helps my teams organize & prioritize!

  • lilycaldwell
    lilycaldwell EDU, Student Ambassador
    edited April 2022

    This is such a great template to share, Ellie! I've recently been assigned multiple group projects for my graphic design studios, so this could be incredibly helpful for my team! Since all of our work has to function as a cohesive set, it's vital that we're all on the same page regarding design assets, color schemes, and typefaces. I'm looking forward to using this to aid in our project's success!