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jangeliquem ✭
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Does Mural already have version history/control? Right now I'm just using the export PDF feature and it's not as good as actual version history control would be... 

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  • if this feature idea is added could you message me in Microsoft Teams/Outlook to let me know? :-) [email protected]

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @jangeliquem I'll do a bit of digging, but at the moment I know for sure there is another member in community who would appreciate this idea. I'll connect them to this thread and follow up with our product team to see if it has been implemented yet. 🔔

  • Yes it would be great to restore previous versions if you accidentally move something off the board and can't hit undo.

  • Even if you could set a mural to take a snap shot image each week / month/ day and mail it you that would be MVP enough to start off with.

  • Yes, please! Here is a great use case:

    I run a series of workshops.

    I'd love to save my mural boards at 3 specific points in time:

    1. The blank canvas (before content/sticky notes have been added).
    2. After group #1 has added content
    3. After workshop/group #2 has added content and so on and so forth.

    Current Problem: Right now, when I am done creating a board, I try to remember to save a copy as a template. But I don't always remember. Then, after the workshop is over I realize I forgot and there is not way to select all the sticky notes to delete them and go back to the clean slate state before content was added after the fact. And this way (creating duplicates) means I have a ton of boards that are just copies of a board but are no longer connected to that original board, which makes them hard to organize.

    Proposed Solution: I'd love to be able to go to a point in time on the board in the activities list and click "Save as Version".

  • Somehow one of my participants moved everything around, and there's no way to revert back to where everything is supposed to go. (Also somehow my comments no longer match up to the images they refer to). So would be great to revert back to an earlier version of the mural.