🍽Template Tuesday! DINER themed to-do list 🍽

Hungry to get your week in order, but you don't know how? That is often the challenge of planning!

Round of applause for the personal planning template! You can plan your week by utilising our visual method in this diner themed planning template and see all your tasks in one place! Visual metaphors are proven to help create a connection to the content - with this template you are able to gather all your to dos in the backlog, and then prioritize your work for your week, and what is on your plate each day!!

On a scale of 1-10 how full is your plate today?

We're always open to your thoughts on our templates - anything we can add/improve?


  • ellierill
    ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

    My plate is overflowing today with finals coming up! I am always looking for new templates to stay organized - will definitely be using this one today to "menu" out my study sessions and assignments!