MURAL vs Miro, where does each tool shine?


In my work often get asked the question, where Miro and Mural are different and for what use case each tool fits better. To deepen my understanding of that question I've recently looked at both tools side by side across eight categories.

You can read it about it here:

Since I'm using Miro more heavily than Mural, I would be very happy if some MURAL pros give the article a read and see if I missed opportunities to highlight great features about MURAL. I would be very happy to add them to the article, to enable readers to make a better decision about when to use which tool.

Just add a comment below, if you have ideas for additions to the article, or things that would be great to highlight. Thank you!


  • @elkmind that is a really good point. Also the larger the company, the more important it becomes for them. Especially if they are in Europe. My experience is that individuals are often overlooking this.

    I will try to make some research around this and see if I can add it to the article.

    Very helpful! Thanks.

  • elkmind
    elkmind MCN ✭✭

    Glad I could send some inspiration your way! :-) Let me know when the article's updated!

  • Hi guys, the GDPR thing is a very good question and I just found the thread by searching for GDPR.

    Do you have any updates on this. I am just in the setup phase with a new client and am considering using Mural (as I prefer it over Miro ;-). But the first thing they will be checking is where is the data going to be and how is the GDPR compliance "handled".