MURAL Live Training Follow-up (April 4 & 5 Cohort)

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(Recording/Registration links below. Q&A responses below.)

For those of you that have questions AFTER our live sessions (April 4 & 5), please post them on this thread so your Training team can help you!

If you have other specific questions, we encourage you to post them here in the MURAL Community!

Looking for some training resources for MURAL? Learn how to collaborate online with MURAL and other collaboration platforms you use so that your projects are engaging, impactful, and fun. You'll get hands-on practice using MURAL during our live training sessions where you can:

And once again, welcome to MURAL!

April 4 Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: fpFE36.E

April 5 Meeting Recording

Access Passcode: Y&b0RK0H