Empathetic Problem Solving!

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As a designer and aspiring entrepreneur, understanding the user experience is one of the most crucial yet difficult components of designing a good solution. Whenever I start a design, I always reference MURAL's Customer Experience Journey Map to help me empathize with end-users and quickly map out customer personas with my team. This template goes into depth of the user's needs and motivations, and allows me to visually map out their feelings on a graph.

Here is the link to the template!

I highly recommend this template for anyone designing solutions to problems. Though directed towards professional use, developing personas and understanding the lives of others can help solve problems at any scale. From teamwork issues to job applications, I've found that empathizing with the user is beneficial to working through any problem or obstacle in my life. How can you apply customer experience mapping to problems in your life?


  • Bananner_MURAL
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    Oooohhh I love this @andrewkim . It's always so amazing to me how design thinking concepts are directly aligned with skills I've learned in therapy. Being more empathetic, getting to the root of the problem, being more aware. I haven't tried using this template for life problems yet, but it might help me map out some family member personas!! 😂

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    Ah yes! This is the same template I'm using now to re-design the employee experience journey at MURAL 😃 Mine will end up being a bit more complex though since the main journey will split into other side journeys, still figuring out how to visually design that 👩‍🎨 It's a great starting point for so many use cases.