💡Feature Idea: ability to change tabs in the MacOS app during a Zoom screen share

Weepaddy MCN
edited April 2022 in Feature Ideas

What I want to do: be able to change tabs to move to a different Mural in a Zoom session, with the MacOS app for MURAL screen shared.

The problem: at the moment, when you change tab, it freezes the screen share, so it's really clunky to use. This doesn't happen with the web version.

Why it helps: the MacOS app is great - it's quick, functional and my go-to for creating and working with Murals. When we're referencing just a single Mural, it works really well with Zoom. But as soon as there are multiple tabs - which is often the case if we're flipping between groups in an interactive workshop, each group with its own MURAL - it chokes up.

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