Quick Snippet: The future of hybrid work with Pete Maher, Head of Playmakers at MURAL.

Meghan ✭✭✭
edited November 2022 in Collaboration & Facilitation

Happy Friday! On the heels of our acquisition of LUMA Institute, we were able to share a little bit of what this means through the eyes of Pete Maher, Co-Founder of LUMA turned Head of Playmakers at MURAL.

A quick snippet from Pete's interview:

The future of work will be hybrid — really it already was, but the past two years just accelerated the process. That means we need well-constructed, flexible frameworks that can adapt to any working situation, from real-time to asynchronous, in-person to remote. And that is exactly what we’re building at MURAL.

Going forward, LUMA customers will have the opportunity to extend their collaborative capabilities with the MURAL platform, including the unique tools that help scale collaboration design across organizations. And with the extended reach of MURAL, more people will have the opportunity to learn and apply the LUMA System.

LUMA and MURAL both bring a decade of experience to the table — yet this is just the beginning.