💡Feature Idea: Increase limits on amount of tags

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My suggestion is to increase the amount of tags that can be created within one Mural, and increase the amount of tags that can be added to one note.

Currently the limit of tags in one Mural is 50, and you can add max 20 to one note. I assume these limits not to exist because of technical reasons, but based on your assumptions on how people will use them.

My use case is that I want to track projects with notes, and add tags to them to mark which persons are working on the projects. I will reach both of these limits with my use case, so it would be great if they could be set higher (or just removed completely).

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  • Adding my support to increase (or remove completely) the limit on the number of tags per MURAL.

    Me and my teammates used tags for the first time to help us sort through user research data, and that included tagging notes by each unique user as well as by research topic or theme. We were disappointed to discover the 50 tag limit and have now had to delete all our user tags to make room for our topic tags. To replace the tags, we're using color coding to distinguish between users (finding 40 unique, distinguishable colors is its own feat), but we would have much preferred to use the tagging system.

    I really hope they expand the capacity in the future.

  • +100 to this. Didn't realise there was a limit until we hit it. Resulted in major disruption and splitting into separate Murals. Difficult to explain to client when "Miro can do it".

  • Hit a wall with tags and so the sense-making support by Mural is now completely stopped for me due to the paltry low 50 tag count. For longitudinal diary studies with 50+ participants, the number of tags we we need to support an end-to-end customer journey is on the order of 300-500.

  • +1. For user research synthesis, it would be helpul to be able to create hundreds of tags

  • Topic has been quiet for a while but, just in case, adding my support to this as well. Looking at a pretty meaty mapping exercise and needing to push to 61 labels, can split murals but less ideal.