Let's Talk about Tags! Q + A with Drewan Nicholson

Meghan ✭✭✭
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The team has been thrilled with the level of engagement and interest from our members and community during our external beta preview for tags!

Part of the motivation for organizing an early preview of a new capability with our members is to help the team validate that the feature set provides value and helps to solve their problems. Something we've learned through this is that members who previewed tags are very eager for tags to be available to all Mural members!

On the heels of our recent tags update, this month, @drewan, Product Manager at MURAL has stopped by the Community to share in a brief interview!

What use case are you most excited to see with tags rolling out to every MURAL member? Why do those use cases excite you?

We're most excited to see how tags can further help our members synthesize and gain new insight into their murals and content, unlocking even better understanding and more value. We also cannot wait to see how tags will be used in ways we haven't even dreamed of!

When you were working with the engineering team, for the initial launch, what use cases did you focus on and why those ones?

The team's focus has always been to further empower our members by gaining additional insights into their content. 

Members who facilitate collaborative sessions like workshops and brainstorms communicated their need for reducing challenges with synthesis or grouping activities. Tags can help since they offer added dimensions that are associated with objects. In addition, tags can be used to help during an active facilitation session. 

Currently, many members utilize color-coding of sticky notes or shapes as a primary mechanism to categorize. There are limitations to this, since only 1 color can be used, members may also have challenges distinguishing colors, and categorization legends can become separated from the content. 

Tags solve these challenges by allowing multiple categorizations to be assigned to each object. They allow text and icons, in addition to color to be used to categorize. And, they also allow these categorizations to be bound, so that stickies regardless of their placement maintain this important information. 

Tags can even be exported with the content to CSV for further downstream analysis. The Find panel is an extremely powerful tool for synthesizing, filtering, and refining content within murals. It has been updated to provide even more filtering through leveraging tags.  

The Find panel can be accessed by selecting the icon in the top-right menu or using the Windows ctrl + F or Mac cmd + F keyboard shortcuts. 

What is something you are looking forward to iterating on as this feature rolls out? 

We are extremely excited to see what feedback our members and community have for us and this will be crucial for helping shape the future direction of tags. 

Some early feedback we have received already from the tags preview has been that members would like to see tagging support added to even more elements in their murals. 

We have also heard a need to be able to add extra metadata or details to tags. Members have asked for the ability to use tags across multiple murals. API integration to allow for more integration and automation with members' workflows is another need we have discovered. 

Also, we hope to be able to make using tags even easier through automatic suggestions of applying tags or by enabling easier arrangements or layout grouping based on already applied tags.

What’s a question you want to ask our MURAL members? 

Thank you! How do you imagine tags will help with your content creation and facilitation activities? When trying to organize and make sense of your murals, what do you wish was easier?