Mapping Organizational Culture - Template

edited November 2022 in Template Ideas

Nobody denies the critical importance of culture to a company’s success. And yet, although everyone agrees that culture is of vital importance, culture still seems fuzzy, vague and difficult to grasp. 

This gameboard is ideal for individuals or teams of 5-6 people and from the same function (IT, HR, finance, et al) who work together and know each other well. The goal of the session is candid and constructive criticism; the boss cannot come.

This can add value in a 15-minute exploration for individual play or can be conducted for 60+ minutes with a group.

Use The Culture Map template to assess, map and transform organizational culture via deep reflection. Culture Mapping gives you the intelligent information you require to make a business case for the interventions, executive support, and budget you will need to minimize risk and maximize the chances of success for your change initiative.

Big thanks to Dave Gray for The Culture Map, and Dave Mastronardi of for the game instructions!