Deciphering a Company's Culture & Diversity Webinar

ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador
edited April 2022 in Mural University

While interviewing for jobs it can be challenging to gauge if the company is a good fit. Alecia Page, MURAL’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager, joined MURAL Student Ambassadors to share what prospective employees should be looking for in companies and how to decipher a thriving company culture from a stagnant one.

We discussed how starting out careers can be tough and extremely stressful! It is okay if your first position isn't your dream job and you need to focus on securing the bag first. But, with that being said, the job market is on our side right now. Employers need you, so don't be afraid to interview them right back! We spend about 40 hours per week in most roles. Don't underestimate how much the culture will impact you. We are heavily influenced by those we are surrounded with, so make sure you are in a comfortable, safe environment!