⚡⚡ 3 templates to use with tags

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Last week we where talking tags with Drewan Nicholson, Product Manager at MURAL.

With our new tagging capability you can now add tags to your sticky notes in MURAL. You can use tags to track progress, ownership, and importance of tasks.

Start using tags with these tree templates!

How do you use tags? What are your must have tags you always add to your sticky notes?


  • ellierill
    ellierill EDU, Student Ambassador

    Love this new feature from MURAL! I have used tag's within my undergraduate courses/student-organization by asking members to tag their name with their current grade level. This has allowed us to organize members by their academic level to get a better idea of our clubs membership!

  • Wow such a great way to use the tags! We've started to use it in all our calls to tag ideas with our names so it's easier to see who added what.