💡Feature Idea: Ability to change the ID and portrait on Murals where the originator has left

edited April 2022 in Feature Ideas

Currently, if someone creates a Mural board, they are tagged as the creator and their portrait is sitting on top of the corner of the Mural object - this is great so people know whose Mural/board they're accessing.

However, when that same individual leaves the company, their name and ID persist on the Mural object they created; there needs to be a way to change this. Companies look, at best, unprofessional, and at worst, incapable, if someone is being 'advertised' on Mural who they've never met and will never talk with as they no longer exist at the company.

As best I could find, this isn't on the 'new ideas' board yet, and unfortunately, nothing appropriate to 'tag' this entry could be found; nothing for 'owner' or 'creator' or 'leaving employee' or anything along those lines.

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