MARKETING CHANNEL CANVAS ITA _ Business Design Marketing

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Hi guys, what do you think about this template?

Here another Business Design Marketing template. This template help people to design the right channel to use in a marketing Strategy. this template is organized in 5 step leaded by 5 question totally customer oriented preceded by the sentence: "how I allow him to ..."

know me

test me

buy me

receive the value offered

be followed later

You can complete each colomn with the tools and marketing/ communication channels that answer to the corresponding question on the top.

At the end you will have a clear logical and chronological channel plan to to transform a lead into a brand lover.😉


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Super cool!

  • kbaylon
    kbaylon Mural Team mod

    Hi GOWISI_BDM, I'm excited to use this template!🙌 However, we can't load the template when we tried to open it. Can you please check? Thank you. 😊