💡Feature Idea: Copying a framework copies locked content within it

joelletegwen MCN
edited April 2022 in Feature Ideas

As we develop and refine our trainings I find myself copying frameworks from one mural to another relatively frequently. As a part of our trainings we have images and text that are locked and then some items for attendees to move around.

When I copy these I have to 1) remember to unlock all of the inside items (which I always fail to do so I have to delete what I pasted and start over.) 2) Copy stuff 3) Re-lock the content on the original mural 4) On the mural, select the content I want to re-lock (often this is multiple steps because of the layering of the items) 5) validate that everything is locked correctly.

Even if the pasted content was all unlocked it would save me steps 1-3 and I would be a lot less frustrated as I do 4 and 5.

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