⚡⚡ 3 templates every teacher needs

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Through MURAL students and educators around the world can incorporate visual collaboration and human centered design into the learning process to make tomorrows talent ready to take on real world challenges.

For teachers we offer a wide range of templates to support everything from planning to group projects to collaboration during class.

As we're heading into summer when planning will be the main focus for the next few months to prepare for future terms, these are our top three templates for planning that every teacher needs!

School planner

Stay organized and track projects during the quarter or semester.

Class lecture toolkit

Incorporate learning activities into your presentation.

Syllabus builder

Plan your next course and capture inspiration and insights as you go.

Did you know MURAL offer free plans for students and teachers? Apply and learn more about how we support visual collaboration in education here!

What template support your learning journey? Share your favourites in the comments!