Celebrate and Decorate with MURAL! Community Cookie Celebration 🍪

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Hey everyone! 👋

We're celebrating MURAL Community's first birthday- hooray! 🥳 We shipped cookies to a few of our fans, and are looking forward to celebrating together.

For those who have received boxes:

Help us ring in the celebration by posting to this thread; we can’t wait to see your cookie designs and warm wishes!

I'd like to share a little help, as someone who likes to have a little fun and learn along the way!

Cookie Decorating for Beginners

How to write on cookies

Cookie Decorating Masterclass (Skip to 5:55)

A few instructions from the Bakery:

  • Store kit at room temperature. When ready to decorate, remove cookies from the packaging.
  • Gently massage royal icing bags for 1-2 minutes to mix color back together and eliminate normal separation
  • Using scissors, snip off the tip of the icing bags. Always start small; you can cut more off if needed. The larger the cut, the faster and greater the icing will flow.
  • Enjoy! Cookies can be consumed immediately or allow icing to air dry up to 10 hours if you plan to repackage or stack.
  • For the freshest cookies, store in an air tight container for up to 1 week

On behalf of our team at MURAL, thank you for being a dedicated member of the MURAL Community, and we look forward to another year in collaboration with you! 🙌



  • I'm so excited to see these coooookies! 🍪🍪

  • Me too! 😍

  • Super excited! 🧚‍♀️

  • Meghan
    Meghan admin
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    Anddd, they’re here! I’ve started on my first; this one sort of looks like a PopTart? Stay tuned! 🥳

  • kris
    kris Mural Team mod

    Mine arrived safely, albeit a bit melted from the Texas sun. And I am looking forward to decorating them this weekend. I have SO MANY ideas.

  • @kris! So exciting to hear!!

    Texas heat is definitely sweltering at the moment. Keep us updated on your design!

  • mmandula
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    Loving the cookie kit - the cookies are delicious, and were super fun to decorate!

    Shout-out from the MURAL Student Ambassador team - we love using MURAL!!

  • How fun! Thank you for sharing, @mmandula! It was definitely hard to decorate first, THEN eat all the cookies 😉

  • kris
    kris Mural Team mod

    Happy birthday MURAL Community! 🎉

    Toasting you with my latte in my favorite mug today. Icing cookies in a heatwave is not for the faint of heart. (Yes, we have AC, but icing is VERY runny no matter what I do in this weather.)

    The speckles on my kitchen counter aren't quite the same as the grid dots on the new infinite canvas, but let's roll with it. And of course I needed to add my avatar to my cookie "mural", complete with facilitator star. Fun fact: did you notice that your avatar is always the same color? Mine is purple.

    As a facilitator I've said "one idea per sticky" so many times in my life. But when I heard one of our brilliant customers describe a sticky as the "atomic unit of thought" it stuck for me. And yes, I have edible markers - I wouldn't render a cookie inedible. ;)

    Love the sprinkles. The celebrate functionality is the sprinkles on top of a great collaboration session, and a reward for a job well done. And those sprinkles are calorie-free!

    Looking forward to see what others do with their 🍪. Don't be shy, we'd 💗 to see.

  • Meghan
    Meghan admin
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    @kris, this is super cool! I love the little facilitator star you made.

    Adding a few more from the weekend: though he didn’t get to sample, my cat, Noodles, enjoyed cookie time as well! (Great minds, on the MURAL 'M' 😉)

  • LyndaBaker
    LyndaBaker MCN ✭✭

    Oh was I supposed to read the directions?

    I am happy to celebrate big and express my affection for all you muralistas however I humbly post my cookie - after seeing other masterpieces I was a bit hesitant to jump in :-)


  • @LyndaBaker, you have my upmost support. A bit of confession- once I made the nice ones, most of the rest were just mounds of icing with a hint of shortbread 😉

    Thank you for celebrating with us. -M

  • Nico
    Nico ✭✭✭

    Basically a household of cookie pros here!

  • Total pros 💯 Thank you for sharing, @Nico!

  • A bit delayed in getting our cookies decorated here at Ah Ha! (my company). What a delicious and fun idea to let us all celebrate with you. And they were very tasty! Sprinkles were added later as an extra bonus layer. Thank you!!!

  • @SusChilders, the sprinkles were def piled on once I got past making them pretty. They look great!