Breakout rooms - single or multiple canvases

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When I separate the participants into small groups, often, I will use a single room with a separate canvas for each group. This makes it easier to have a post-exercise debrief, going from one area to the next, comparing the results.

I do this more in "learning" workshops, where there is less need to keep the result. In "production" workshops, I would separate the sub-teams into their own room.

How about you?


  • John_Losey
    John_Losey Learning and Development Member, MCN

    It depends on the topic/activity. If I want separate/independent work I use different murals. If I want to debrief or use the content collaboratively, I use a single mural.

  • FoundersFightClub
    FoundersFightClub Innovation Strategist Member, MCN

    Depends on total group size. Providing a single canvas to a larger group demands better canvas management by utilizing blind mode and outlines for instance.

  • Yuval
    Yuval Consultant Member

    Most of the time I use areas within one canvas for all the reasons above as well as helps me see the big picture as a facilitator and helps with diverge/integrate.

    It would be nice if there were some Mural capabilities that would make it easier to create such breakout rooms and maybe even integrate with the breakout features on Zoom/Teams but it works nicely as is.

  • LyndaBaker
    LyndaBaker Facilitator Member, MCN

    If possible, I prefer one canvas- the group remains aware that they are in fact sub-sets of one larger group but as if they are in separate corners of a room. Sometimes they do peak over at others and it keeps groups moving to see other progressing - it also gives me the opportunity to check in on everyone - with a bird eye view - without eavesdropping in a zoom break out room. It feels more collaborative to stay on one canvass.


    some projects require larger scale work in breakouts and then you have little choice but to give a team their own canvas to 'spread out' on

  • Kalle
    Kalle Facilitator Member

    I create separate Murals for each group and during single day there may 4-5 breakout sessions. Preparing that takes quite while especially as getting visitor links to each created Mural requires opening each Mural and copying the link. I maintain long list of links in text file and copy them to Zoom chat when entering to break out sessions.

    I have created some keyboard macros to speed up the proess but process could be easier, when creating multiple copies of same Mural for breakout sessions.

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